Free Sample Study Guide

What would shopping be without a few free samples? I know one of the things I like about shopping in a book store is the opportunity to pick a few volumes off the shelf and thumb through them. Unfortunately, e-books don’t allow us the experience of feeling the crisp pages of a book in our hands. For all the convenience of instant access, we still can’t give you the smell of fresh ink on paper and the comforting weight of a book in your hands.

However, we can allow you to sample our two flagship products. I know that once you read a few pages from each of these guides you’ll know that you want them for your test preparation.

I hope these samples can give you a small taste of what the products have to offer. I’ve tried to provide you with enough of a sample to know if these study aids are right for you.

  • Sample number one is a twenty page abbreviated version of The National Registry Study Guide. In this document you can read how the three part system works, then actually walk through the process using three sample knowledge blocks taken from the full guide. You can take a fifteen question practice test and analyze your results.

Click Here to Download the Sample Study Guide

  • Sample number two is a sneak peek inside the National Registry SWAT Guide. Read the first ten pages of this insider report.

Click Here to Download the SWAT Sample